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To outmanoeuvre the competition, evolving digital environment demand applications to be smarter, quicker, reliable and flawless, making application testing an indispensable part of the business strategy. Flawed application performance may barricade business outcomes. Quality of the application in terms of performance, functionality, and usability distinguishes businesses from others.

Cygnet’s innovation and insight-driven software testing services have paved way for numerous path-breaking software applications. Our meticulous approach towards application testing eliminates pesky bugs, reduces the time-to-market while optimizing the total-cost-of-ownership.


Cygnet Advantage

Consultative Approach

Our metrics-driven quality approach checks efficiency of the software product throughout the SDLC, accelerating software delivery and offering quicker value to your business and customers.

World-class Team
Certified QA Professionals

Global companies trust our community of certified testers who follow industry-best practices to deliver quality products quickly, keeping technological needs of the business at the forefront.

World-class Team
Tool Agnostic

Our tool and platform-independent testing practice for any technology enables top-notch quality, performance, and accuracy to develop and test the software, keeping businesses ahead in the digital space.

Live Projects
Involvement Throughout the Product Life Cycle

We test the software at every stage of the development cycle to initiate the feedback loop and mitigate the flaws for delivering the intended product and meeting the desired business expectations.

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Solutions and Offerings

Our deep domain and diverse industry experience spanning nearly two decades helps us closely understand the nature of your enterprise. Our dedicated, manual, and automated testing engineers backed by an unparalleled zeal ensures delivery of high-quality software products quickly.

  • Automation Consulting
  • End-to-End Test Automation Services
  • Performance Testing Services
  • Crowd Testing
  • Testing Process Consulting
  • Agile Application Testing
  • Backend Testing (API/DB)
  • ETL (Extract Transform Load) Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Internationalization/Localization Testing
  • VAPT & Penetration Testing
Automation Consulting

Automation Consulting

We provide you the best advice for all your automation needs. We can help you improve your ROI by increasing your automation coverage for your application.

What we offer:

  • Automation architecture based on your requirements
  • Optimization of your existing Framework / Scripts to do RCA
  • Training on test automation implementation
  • Migration from older solutions to trending solutions in market
End-to-End Test Automation Services

End-to-End Test Automation Services

Covering each phase of testing manually can be time consuming and erroneous. That’s where end-to-end test Automation comes in handy. Manual testing can be automated with the correct approach, the right set of tools, and technical expertise. This in turn helps your enterprise accelerate your testing cycle making it more efficient while increasing the ROI.

What we offer:

  • Technology and platform independent automation solutions
  • End-to-end service for continuous integration with automation script
  • Custom automation frameworks based on your requirements
  • Automation implementation for different development methodologies
  • Expert team in leading automation technologies
Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing Services

Performance engineering begins from the early stages of the SDLC while evolving through each phase. Performance engineers at Cygnet utilize a set of techniques, best practices, and innovations to fulfil the desired performance requirements. Performance engineering involves a holistic view that also pays attention to your enterprise’s overall architecture, design, and implementation choices to adhere to performance optimization.

What we offer:

  • Performance testing and monitoring
  • Endurance/load/stress/volume testing
  • Performance analysis
  • Performance tuning
Crowd Testing

Crowd Testing

Crowd testing is an efficient QA testing approach that helps identifying hidden bugs, loopholes, and usability issues in the product. Cygnet provides Crowd Testing service with real people and real devices. Crowd Testing is performed by qualified engineers across platforms, locations, and devices.

What we offer:

  • Multiple real devices for different platforms
  • Comprehensive platform check
  • Testing from different locations by expert testers
  • Comprehensive report for testing
  • Complete test bed setup before testing
Testing Process Consulting

Testing Process Consulting

Implementing a structured test process can be complicated depending on the nature of project. Cygnet’s test experts can help you in template creation, testing trainings, identifying right tools, etc.

What we offer:

  • QA process implementation consultation
  • Predefined documentation & templates
  • Training on test implementation
  • Identify suitable testing tools and techniques
  • Risk based testing
Agile Application Testing

Agile Application Testing

We take complete ownership of your end-to-end testing needs. Right from in-depth discovery and analysis to adequate planning and implementation, we undertake a thorough documentation and meticulous maintenance of your test artefacts, implementing different levels of testing methodologies, and up to the mark reporting throughout the agile phases.

What we offer:

  • Functional and integration testing
  • Automated regression testing suites
  • User interface and system integration testing
  • Mobile and API testing
  • Organizing and assisting with user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Test cases creation & maintenance
Backend Testing (API/DB)

Backend Testing (API/DB)

Cygnet provides API level testing as well as Database testing. Testing can be done for different RDBMS and No-SQL DBs.

What we offer:

  • Restful and SOAP API end point validations
  • Data validations
  • DB schema validations
  • Batch process verification
ETL (Extract Transform Load) Testing

ETL (Extract Transform Load) Testing

Extract Transform and Load (ETL) is a method to move data from various sources into a data warehouse enabling your business to integrate data from multiple applications and sources into one location. Cygnet provides ETL testing services which tests and ensures the process works as expected.

What we offer:

  • Data extraction testing
  • Data schema validations
  • Information lifecycle management – data archive
  • Data quality management
  • Business intelligence report check automation
Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Cygnet focus on improving usability of your application. Here, we filter out possible blockages and difficulties the user might face while using the application.

What we offer:

  • Create real world use cases and perform testing
  • Perform compatibility checks
  • Consistency checks throughout application
  • User experience feedback
  • Accessibility testing
Internationalization/Localization Testing

Internationalization/Localization Testing

I18N/L10N testing focuses on end-user usability, Cygnet ensures that any application will have better user interaction across any region. This type of testing verifies that the region-specific practices/rules are taken care in the application under testing.

What we offer:

  • Internationalization (I18N) testing templates
  • Localization (L10N) testing templates
  • Automation for I18N/L10N features
  • Specialized testing for location specific features
VAPT and Penetration Testing

VAPT & Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a security testing technique that allows detection of vulnerabilities of web applications, network or software which could be exploited by the attacker. These practices with/without tools can identify a wide range of security threats including notorious attacks that hackers can use to exploit the system.

What we offer:

  • Web application assessment
  • Mobile application assessment
  • API security assessment
  • Internal/external penetration tests
  • VAPT testing

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