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Digital Signature: A Boon for Board of Directors in Coronavirus Outbreak

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Novel Coronavirus Outbreak has led to the cancellation of several board meetings and urged several corporate governance teams and board of directors to manage their work through collaborative technology. In this situation,e-Signed copies of written resolutions using digital signature solutions become as enforceable as a handwritten signature.

Signing Documents on the Go with eSignature Solution

The traditional approach requires following the linear process that is not only time consuming but expensive too. By using digital or electronic signatures, the board of directors can sign time-sensitive documents in a narrow timeframe and keep their business running smoothly.

How it Works

To sign the resolution, the administrator/secretary can upload the resolution that needs a signature. Directors are getting notification that signature is pending in resolution. Administrators can check the pending status of document signing and email the signers with a reminder. Directors can e-Sign it by using a digital signature solution in a click from any device at any place. This is how digital signature simplifies eSignature workflow.

E-Signature Security

Along with the signature, the administrator requires to append name, signing date, company name, and professional title. The digital signature solution secures it with legal audit trails. Once those documents are downloaded and signed; the admin gets audit trails that encompass IP address, time and email address. This signature encrypted with advanced technology that makes it tamper-proof.

Are E-Signatures Legal?

The answer to this foremost question is “Yes”. Most E-sign acts of various countries have accepted electronic signatures as having legal validity. It represents the electronic signature and electronic records carry a similar weight and similar legal effect as the conventional method.

At glance, Digital signature provides unparalleled efficiency, greater saving and authentic way to sign documents while keeping all your records compliant.


Cygnature is an award-winning e-signature solution that can help you in this situation to signboard resolutions and keep the business going. Cygnature supports multiple signers and multiple signature types. It is easy to use a cloud solution where all your signature trails are stored securely on a blockchain making it very safe and tamper-proof.

Get in touch with our experts and let them help you in crucial times. Start using Cygnature.

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