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Empower Business Growth with Cygnet’s Dynamic 365 Expertise

Drishya Nair

Microsoft is keeping its innovation engine roaring and continuing to produce fresh opportunities for partners across a wide range of solution areas- says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the Inspire 2019 partner conference

The versatility in product offering and dynamic work environment demonstrates how Microsoft is playing major role in changing modern business world. Sales automation, managing marketing leads, accounts management, human resource or order management, to name a few – Microsoft Dynamics 365 can seamlessly integrate all the applications in one common platform.

Break through your business barriers with Dynamics 365 and align customers, product, people and data- strongly connected and ready to deliver actionable insights. Since businesses are constantly hustling between multiple databases like CRM and ERP, using Software as a Service(SaaS) solution unifies capabilities of both CRM and ERP at a centralized location for easy and faster accessibility.

Enterprises SaaS revenue rises high and hits 100Billion run rate, led by Microsoft and Salesforce - Source

The adoption of SaaS is growing exponentially due to multiple benefits it offers to organizations. It reduces overhead cost, offers flexibility and scalability in contrast to traditional data storing methods. It is inverse of what on-premise approach offers. From integrating data between applications, virtualization, middleware running and maintaining data on cloud everything is hassle-free and effortless with Dynamics 365.

Microsoft dynamics 365 - A business differentiator?

Formerly, before Dynamics 365 was developed, applications were big, monolithic, on-premise and working in silos reducing overall process time and deliveries. Microsoft changed and converged all data from on-prem and assembled it into purpose-built platform (like Azure) that aligns core business functions such as sales, field service, finance & operations, marketing, retail, talent, customer service and project service automation.

For better business outcomes, integrating silo operations is the need of the hour. Dynamics 365 perfectly streamlines all the business processes with speed and agility to provide superior customer experience at multiple touchpoints. Apart from superior customer experience, there are multiple other functionalities that Microsoft dynamics 365 is capable of offering such as:

  • Consolidated information at a single source
  • Advanced SLA’s with guaranteed uptime
  • Faster collaboration, click to communicate and application performance
  • Integration capability with power BI and combining AI and ML with Dynamics 365

Certainly, there are additional features of Dynamics 365 and most businesses would like to leverage a faster and efficient way to boost business productivity. Read our eBook on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and get a comprehensive overview of how each functional module operates and provides business benefits to leaders.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Business Productivity

For instance, A multinational cloth retailer decided to start a boutique line and required a rapid supply-chain management system. Since their business dominates across the globe, they required to invest in a different supply chain management company to handle their ERP system. For a nimble business scenario, this need surge the demand of using Dynamics 365.

Using mixed-reality applications ‘HoloLens and the Dynamics 365’ this boutique provided real-time suggestions what looks best on their customers using smart mirrors. In addition, they also required real-time access to the inventory for the employees to better understand customers.

Streamline Business functions: With Cygnet’s Dynamics 365 Capabilities

With Cygnet’s Dynamics 365 expert team, businesses can explore the art of the possibilities. We have been a driving force of success for most of the businesses looking to harness the capabilities of Microsoft dynamics 365. We help businesses unleash powerful insights from integrated data, enable customer experience and optimize core business functions with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With an integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution businesses can ensure seamless interdepartmental collaboration, quicker and effortless deployment and accelerate return on investment.

Cygnet is a Microsoft certified Gold Application Development partner delivering customized Microsoft solutions and services for two decades now. We are adaptable and flexible in delivering exceptional customer service with 100% agility and scalable architecture. For any further queries feel free to reach us at inquiry@cygnetinfotech.com or Call us on +1-609-245-0971.

Drishya Nair

Drishya Nair is a content writer at Cygnet Infotech. She is a computer engineer turned writer who stumbled onto her love for researching, marketing and branding. She is passionate about lending her voice to providing insights on technology and critical business challenges. When not writing, you will find her at a local restaurant exploring different cuisines or chasing stray cats down the corner.

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