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Moving Mission Critical Applications to Cloud

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One of the biggest buzz terms in technology today is "Cloud Computing". Enterprises and organizations all around the world approaching cloud computing to streamline their business. According to the research commissioned by Google, almost 93% of the financial decision-makers agreed that cloud computing would be vital technology for their future success, Computer Weekly reported.

In the past few years, cloud computing has proven itself to be an effective and efficient means to scale resources as enterprise tries hard to overcome the rising data loads and increasingly complex infrastructure challenges. It has become an important element for the organizations as it brings a whole host of benefits, such as reduced IT costs by eliminating the need of purchasing, maintaining and repairing in-house servers, increased business process efficiency, leverage from the agile development model and enhanced security.

Apart from all these, there are many benefits that organizations are leveraging from the cloud, but is it matured enough to tackle the load of mission-critical applications? The organizations have spent years building rock-solid safety and availability into conventional infrastructure to keep their business activities smoother. Transforming those responsibilities to the cloud will not be just a standard development in the evolution of data, but a huge technological leap that will place your business on not so proven infrastructure.

There has been a great debate on this. While many organizations believe that there is no risk at all putting mission-critical apps on the cloud, other enterprises are firmly believes that putting mission-critical apps over the cloud is putting business at risk. So, how would you judge whether to move your mission-critical apps over the cloud or not? Let's try to find the answer.

The challenges and complexities associated with moving cloud mission-critical applications over the cloud are many and often varies on the complexity of the apps. However, recent research from Virtustream, who surveyed 100 medium and large enterprises across the different sectors, shows that 69% of them are all set to move their mission critical applications over the cloud by the end of 2014.

Of course, there are a lot of factors who are still preventing giant organizations from making this big technological leap, and even the company says advancement in geo-tagging data, chip-level authentication, application-level SLAs and legislation are helping enterprises manage risks effectively while migrating to the cloud.

Here are a few things that everyone should consider when planning to move mission-critical apps over the cloud:

  • Application nature or workloads matters: Cloud has gained immense popularity and success in the last decade, but its success depends on characterizing applications or workloads based on different factors and accurately determining the fit to a specific deployment model. When we talk about mission-critical apps, correctly assessing different factors will be more important as the business depends entirely on their availability.
  • Business factors: When you think about moving mission-critical applications to the cloud, there are a few factors you should consider including business concerns like cost, efficiency, security and flexibility.
  • Technology factors: You should also consider technology factors like performance, scalability, manageability and the operating environments needed. Moreover, mission-critical applications require the highest level of availability and disaster recovery.
  • Is it possible to run applications in a virtual server environment: It is very important to consider whether the application is capable enough to run in a virtualized server environment or not as a database or application that are performance-driven may not run or perform well in the virtual environment.

There is no denying that more and more organizations are bridging the gap between cloud-native and conventional enterprise applications, but they should consider a few important aspects discussed below to leverage from a successful migration of mission-critical applications to the cloud. Although the vision is still some way off, moving mission-critical apps over the cloud is rapidly emerging trend today!


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