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Pros and Cons of SAP Business One ERP

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SAP Business One ERP is best suited for those SMEs which are targeting rapid expansion, are planning for new business lines or are entering into new geographies. As smaller organizations intend to scale, the traditional, manual way of executing processes becomes a constraint. Hence adopting a robust IT system becomes inevitable to improve customer relationships, organizational efficiency and to achieve profitability alongside revenue growth.

The SAP Business One ERP solution takes its inspiration from SAP’s flagship ERP product (ECC 6.0), but is tailored for the needs for small and medium sized businesses. It comes without the complexity involved in the flagship product, is easy to implement and customized to the specific needs of different industries. About 199K SMEs across the globe are using SAP ERP. SAP Business One empowers managers and decision makers in dynamically growing SME organization with critical real-time information on any aspect of the business operation.

What makes SAP Business One ERP so Successful?

SAP Business One ERP is designed keeping needs of small and mid-sized businesses in focus. It takes only a few weeks for implementation and offers an integrated system which will take care of their manufacturing, finance and customer relationship management function in the organization. With SAP Business One ERP, businesses can get real time information on the most critical business metrics. Employees are able to access with ease and pace, whatever information they would need. SAP Business One ERP can also be customized to suit to the changing requirements.

Are there any Problems?

  • Perception of being too complicated – Since SAP as an ERP solution has been traditionally associated with the large size or the Fortune 500 companies, the general perception is that the system is likely to be too complicated and would not make sense for a small business to go for it. 
  • Lack of Flexibility to Choose - Small and medium sized businesses are very particular about what they are spending. With SAP Business One, you do not have a choice of selectively picking the modules or functions you want, while leaving the rest. So you have to take it as it is. The only exception that you can opt is to drop the CRM function if you so desire. 
  • No Payroll - Payroll is not a part of the SAP Business One solution and hence you need to purchase this from a third party. The worst thing being, you need to continually maintain the ongoing business process integration between the two products.

Why SAP Business One ERP is a Good Choice

Those small and medium sized business looking to upgrade from accounting software can look forward to SAP Business One. With SAP Business One, business owners and employees have information on various functions including finance, inventory management, purchase, manufacturing, sales on the finger tips.

Thanks to the automatic alerts facility you need not query the system for your information needs, but the system will ensure that the important metrics, which you have identified, are easily available to you. As small and medium sized businesses are usually constrained with Human Resource functions like Budgeting, Costing & Work, these are managed conveniently and effortlessly by SAP Business One.

Besides, you also get the facility to customize functions to suit your requirements. As your business grows, you have the option of upgrading your solution with a more advanced version offered by SAP. 

Are you considering implementing SAP Business One or other ERP in your organization? Wondering which solution to choose? Why not to talk to experts?

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