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SharePoint 2016: There’s Some Good News for Business Users!

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If you explore the internet searching for SharePoint 2016 features, you will find ample information available for technology managers, developers and technical analysts. However, there is very less material available for business users to execute new SharePoint features and functionalities.

So I decided to write for millions of business users around the globe and share the good news in terms of what SharePoint 2016 has to offer!

  1. Discover the Key Usability Enhancements

Let's start by discovering the enhancements in usability. Microsoft has revived the navigation using an App Launcher which has really worked well in the areas like usability enhancements for SharePoint 2016. The App Launcher is contingent to the Office 365 service you are using. It empowers you to swiftly enter into functionalities of OneDrive and traverse amongst cloud and on-premises models.

The new and innovative ways to stock SharePoint pages on mobile devices is also a key development. The conventional methods were causing discomfort for the mobile workforce earlier. The new experience is worth trying.

  1. Extensions to the Sharing Processes

Extending the new sharing processes has added great value to SharePoint 2016. For example, one can now build and share folders, swiftly share a page and also view shared folders. One can also favor or reject a request within a click in an email. And the accessibility of sharing documents has been extended even to the users in the Members group.

  1. Amalgamation of Search Capabilities

Search being a key part of document management system, and with focus on SharePoint hybrid environment amongst SharePoint 2016 delivery models, Microsoft has amalgamated the search capabilities. One can now run and effortlessly categorize locations of every result and utilize the items with simplicity.

  1. Incremental Increase in Larger File Sizes

Operating with larger files has been made easy by offering an increased support from 2 GB to 10 GB concentrated file size. The other plus point is that the file name limitations with characters have been removed, so one can upload file names encompassing &, %, #, and others.

  1. Initiation of Easy Access

With SharePoint 2016 the capabilities and access to viewing images and videos have been simplified. Navigation has been made better. OneDrive's integration process has been enriched. OneDrive's Recycle Bin now is better accessed from the left navigation area.  Keyboard shortcuts have been added to SharePoint 2016 which has made working with documents very easy.

If one has worked on or is connected to SharePoint Online, more or less of the new features may appear similar.

We look forward to your thoughts on the new functionalities proposed by us. Our SharePoint experts would love to talk to you and share their insights.

For any queries regarding SharePoint, please get in touch with us. Happy SharePoint 2016 to you.

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