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by Shambhudeep Hore

DevOps is a relatively new term that is more universal in nature and its implementation is not without challenges. As organizations embrace DevOps find the resolutions. Read More

by Drishya Nair

DevSecOps help enterprises discover IT vulnerabilities, significantly reduce reiteration cost, deliver secured and timely builds. Read More

by Drishya Nair

Orchestration in DevOps is strategic automation fostering close collaboration between lines of business, development and IT frameworks. Read More

by Ankita Hariyani

Docker containerization accelerates software and services delivery with development and operational agility. Read More

by Ankita Hariyani

DevOps in software testing helps the organization achieve 46x faster deployment frequency than its competitors. Read More

by Cygnet Infotech

DevOps Methodology accepted by most of the organizations has advent by bringing in Microservices, Continuous Testing, DevSecOps and Metrics. Read More

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