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About Cygnature

Cygnature is an award-winning signing solution that offers multiple signature types – electronic, digital and biometric. It is a feature–rich and easy-to-use solution that is built on blockchain technology, thus providing enhanced security, greater transparency and improved traceability of the signing process, along with authentication of signer identity and safeguarding documents from tampering. Cygnature also provides APIs for seamless integration with business systems.

Why Blockchain in Cygnature


Ensuring that the copy of a document has the exact same content as the original.


Proving who created or changed the document.


Not allowing someone to deny that they created or changed the document, as long as each iteration is stored in the blockchain.



Extensive configurations. Seamless integration with any flow

Simplified signing

Set up documents for sequential/parallel signing, single/bulk signing

Audit trails

Records Geo-location, Lat-Long coordinates, browser, device, IP & timestamp

Integrity of Data

World-class cryptographic algorithms for maintaining data integrity


Authenticate signers with OTP, biometrics, face and speaker recognition

Blockchain Stamping

A signature completion certificate with Block Chain certificate

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