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Certified & Dependable Microsoft Partner & Microsoft Small Business Specialist Since 16 Years

  • Cygnet Infotech leverages the right Microsoft technology offerings to meet your business challenges. Comprehensive IT solutions provider, our Microsoft Technology Services assist in optimizing operations, drive business value and innovation.

    Transforming and empowering businesses with the right engaging technology.

    • An early adopter of Microsoft Technologies and consistently delivering solutions with all emerging trends
    • Certified Microsoft Professionals and Specialists (MCPD, MCSD, MCBMSS, MCITP, MCIP, MCTS)
    • Quality & efficient solutions for both ISVs, Enterprises, Product Owners and Start-ups
    • Proven best practices to develop and implement powerful integrated solution

    Our Microsoft Application Development Services

    1. Enterprise Applications Development

    Shift your digital paradigm with the right technology partner who helps you ‘Reach-Out Seamlessly with your own Digital Business’.

    We bridge your business and technology gap with Custom Application Development Services, with strategically well-planned architecture to transform your enterprise.

    Why choose Cygnet Enterprise Application Development Services?

    • One stop solution for Web, Mobile and Cloud Application across varied technological platforms
    • Experienced subject matter specialists across varied technology, assist you upgrade to latest technology platforms with ease
    • Business Requirement Analysis & Consulting
      • Concepts, designing story board via prototype, mock-ups
      • Intricate-level of business requirement gathering
      • Application Integration and Re-engineering
      • Quality Assurance
      • Maintenance and Support
    • Attain sharper visibility into application release readiness, support complexities and development processes
    • Achieve control across requirements, coding, development, testing, deployments and releases of the application

    2. Enterprise Mobility

    Delivering highly customized mobile solutions which are adaptable, engaging and easy-to-use.

    Delivering future-ready, seamless and flexible mobile experience, we aim to empower businesses with intuitive mobile management.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech Enterprise Mobility Services?

    • Delivering successful Mobile and Web Application since 2009
    • Strategic Consulting for Mobile App Architecture & Development
    • Analyze existing IT establishment and business readiness
    • Strategize and Plan execution
    • Ensure smooth project implementation
    • Help to secure and migrate data
    • Development assistance for Enterprise mobile apps, industry-specific and m-commerce apps
    • Native apps for iOS and Android  
    • Cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin and Cordova
    • Hands-on experience with latest versions of SDKs
    • UX development, mobile-enablement and industry-specific features
    • Expert mobile application development project leads, developers, architects and analysts
    • Avail latest upgrades, third party integrations: ERP, CRM, HRMS, Backend apps and Cloud services
    • Mobile App Testing and Optimization
    • Mobilize web apps and website using HTML5 to enrich the user experience
    • Redeem benefits of GPS, mobile camera, accelerometers, touchscreens and other mobile-specific features
    • Integrate apps with analytical tools such as Flurry, Google, Omniture, Fabric, Crashlytics, etc.,
    • Transfer web experience on mobile with engaging UX design
    • Third-party API & Backend Integrations
    • Mobile Apps Porting and Migration
    • Support and Maintenance

    3. Enterprise Cloud (PaaS, SaaS, IaaS)

    Scale data, applications and processes; move to a service-based IT management paradigm with us.

    We propel the right Cloud Technology platforms, architectures and implementation methodologies to help enterprises and product development firms to move from ‘asset-oriented’ to ‘service-based’ IT management.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech Enterprise Cloud Services?

    • Comprehensive services for seamless shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models 
    • Experienced developers, BAs, QAs, cloud architects and UX experts
    • Proven processes and time-tested methodologies for delivering effective solutions 
    • Consulting, Deployment, Rapid application development, UX and Customer Experience building
    • Implementation, Management, Optimization and Maintenance
    • Integration and collaboration with third party applications and tools
    • Application Migration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    • Scale data, applications and processes across entire value chain
    • Reduce downtime and data theft
    • Enable faster responsiveness with simplified IT
    • Increase mobility, extensibility and uptime of data

    4. Web Content Management

    Drive seamless web interactions and contextualized stream of content across different channels with the right WCM services.

    Aimed at creating digital presence on one or more online channels – web, social or mobile. Cygnet assists in building customized portals and online initiatives of enterprises, ensuring right blend of technology, creativity and business logic.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech Web Content Management Services?

    • Personalized content channel to showcase the most relevant information to each customer segment
    • Right information delivery to right audience at the right time with optimized experience
    • Enhanced conversion and visitor stickiness
    • Strategy and Consulting - align your business needs and future expectations
    • Implementation - agile approach to ensure there are minimum risks and optimized TCOs.
    • Customization -  create top-notch custom modules, widgets, themes and more for your CMS…
    • Integration - synchronize information and processes and maximize value addition
    • Migration - ensure fast turnaround and painless transition
    • Upgrade & Maintenance - ensure peak performance every time

    5. Portals and Collaboration

    Streamline the process of storing, organizing, accessing, searching, securing and regulating documents and records.

    Solve complex collaboration challenges of enterprises across the globe, Cygnet SharePoint professional’s team is adept at combining analytical and technical skills to deliver innovative solutions.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech Portals and Collaboration Services?

    • Gold competency in Collaboration & Content
    • MCPD and MCITP Certified SharePoint professionals on board
    • One of the largest SharePoint development teams with multiple development experience
    • Automated document creation, processing and workflow management
    • Document Protection, retrieval and storage, accounting and tracking, versioning and lifecycle management
    • Public and intranet facing portals, workflows, content management solutions, web forms and applications that intensifies and enhances collaboration and content management capabilities in your organization
    • Enterprise-ready, manageable and scalable portals and collaboration solutions integrating lines of business applications with databases and defining taxonomies for classifying content to create a consistent user experience
    • Sharepoint Integration enhances overall contribution towards business processes with - Dynamics CRM, Exchange Server, Project Server, Microsoft BI & third-party applications
    • Consulting Services, Implementation and Deployment, Web part customization, Enterprise Search Integration, Upgrade and Migration Services
    • Enable quick access and easy sharing of digital documents and records
    • Secure all your vital information with proper back & disaster recovery plan
    • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance in your business documentation
    • Save costs and efforts spent on storing, retrieving and maintaining documents & information
    • Automate data collection and document version controls
    • Reduce response time and provide more accurate information to enhance relationships with stakeholders

    6. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

    Predict, capture, analyze and turn data into actionable insights for driving business performance.

    Focused towards applying and integrating analytical IT and intelligence to web, cloud and mobile-based business solutions to optimize business processes and outcomes of enterprises with right insights to effective decision making.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech BI and Data Analytics Services?

    • Make rapid decisions and drive change with real-time metrics
    • Align data and information with business processes
    • Enable enterprise-wide reporting with customized dashboards, reports & alerts
    • Get a holistic view of cross-departmental activities
    • Access, understand and act on information on the go with Mobile and Cloud BI
    • Get hidden-trends from across multiple business channels
    • Meet desired business goals with better budgeting and forecasting
    • Consulting and Assessment
    • Architecture and Design
    • BI Migration, Integration and Implementation
    • BI Reporting and Analytics
    • Support and Maintenance
    • Administration and Performance Management

    7. Enterprise Application Integration

    Intelligent integrations bringing business critical information from heterogeneous enterprise systems – on premise, on-cloud or third-party apps – to one dashboard!

    Cygnet provides software integration services that offers one-stop EAI solutions and enables enterprise to coordinate and consolidate data and operations.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech EAI Services?

    • Ensure high performance & availability
    • Component-based Integration
    • Support hybrid deployments
    • Support legacy systems
    • Safeguard ESB data at every point
    • Integration Consulting - holistic consulting services ensure that the integrations are driven by real business context
    • Architecture Design - create a blueprint that optimizes integration benefits and mitigates risks.
    • Implementation Integration - understand your business requirements, derive business rules, set processes, and implement strategic integrations to enhance your efficiency 
    • Integration Testing - ensure seamless data exchange between different applications and related systems
    • Integration Health Assessment & Maintenance – ensure all underlying, minor system changes or entire migration process, are handled well in time to maintain the correctness of EAI Dashboards.
    • Improve Time-to-Market
    • Slash total cost of ownership
    • Get scalable integrations, ready for future

    8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Assisting you to effectively leverage your customer focused strategies and trends.

    We aim to manage and optimize the entire cycle of customer – sales force management, marketing automation to customer support and service in the most effective and personalized manner. Revolutionize customer engagement!

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech CRM Services?

    • Accelerate lead-to-cash processes
    • Attain actionable insights – buying pattern, trends and more
    • Enable sales forecasting
    • Increase engagement across wide channels – mobile, cloud & social applications
    • Optimize order management & sales funnel
    • Drive effective customer retention
    • Enhance brand awareness & relationships
    • Enable cross-selling & up-selling
    • Identify target customers & opportunities
    • Manage global sales and services information
    • Dynamics CRM Implementation
    • Application Development on Dynamics CRM
    • Dynamics CRM System Customization
    • Dynamics CRM Upgrades & Migration
    • Dynamics CRM Integration
    • Dynamics CRM Application Testing
    • Support & Maintenance of Dynamics CRM Applications
    • Consolidation and Integration
    • Independent Validation and Verification

    9. Unified Communication with Optimized Infrastructure

    Drive real-time integrity and keep everyone on the same page

    Assisting in implementation of technology solutions on web, mobile or cloud. Enterprise-wide, contextual and interactive work environment that fosters teamwork, agility and responsiveness and aids in achieving the desired operational efficiency across dispersed processes and people.

    Why choose Cygnet Infotech Unified Communication and Optimized Infrastructure Services?

    • Increase personal and team productivity
    • Unite people, information and processes to drive informed and swift decision making
    • Reduce duplication and errors due to centralization of process and information repositories
    • Find right people and information at the right time
    • Achieve synchronous and asynchronous collaboration with real-time information sharing
    • Manage tasks and connect to right processes through a unified collaboration platform
    • Analysis, Strategy and set-up - creating adoption and governance strategy, defining configuration options, setting up data security and key reporting to organizing the entire structure as per department, group, team and individual role.
    • Comprehensive assistance for Architecture and Deployment
    • Customization, Configuration, Development and Integration
    • Support and Maintenance – extend support to track and manage results in lines with corporate compliance policies and communication procedures.

    Platforms & Technologies 

    Cygnet is a certified partner-vendor of Sitefinity solutions. We possess an extensive team of Sitefinity developers & an experienced team of Sitefinity consultants, trained and certified by Falafel.

    • Sitefinity Consulting Services
    • Sitefinity Implementation Services
    • Sitefinity Maintenance and Support Services

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    Cygnet’s Umbraco development team comprising experienced Umbraco specialists delivers end-to-end solutions, helping you build innovative, attractive and enterprise-scale websites that are easy to manage.

    • Umbraco Web and Mobile Solutions
    • Umbraco Upgrade and Migrations
    • Umbraco Integrations
    • Umbraco Website Optimization Services
    • Umbraco Support & Maintenance

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    As a certified NopCommerce Solutions Partner, we provide comprehensive nopCommerce services, helping you develop attractive and sales-oriented eCommerce websites and shopping carts, guaranteeing quick turnaround time and reasonable costs.

    • NopCommerce Store Development
    • NopCommerce Customizations
    • NopCommerce Integrations
    • NopCommerce UI & UX
    • NopCommerce Upgrades & Migrations
    • NopCommerce Product & Catalog Management

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    From advisory and development to migration and performance engineering, we excel in providing comprehensive services on Microsoft Azure to help enterprises make the most of their cloud strategy.

    • Initial Assessment & Consulting
    • Microsoft Azure Deployment
    • Application Development on Microsoft Azure
    • Application Management on Microsoft Azure Cloud

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    With years of experience in ASP.NET and expertise in ASP.NET MVC, we provide efficient ways to create dynamic websites and valuable applications.

    • Application Development & Integration
    • Migrating from ASP, ASP.NET to ASP.NET MVC
    • On-premise to Cloud Deployment
    • SAAS Enablement
    • Application Maintenance & Support
    • Architecture Design of Online Applications
    • UX Design and Prototyping
    • Consulting Services

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    Leveraging our years of experience in various ASP.NET versions, we build rich web applications, dynamic websites and web services.

    • Consulting Services
    • Application Development
    • SOA Enablement
    • ASP.NET Application Integration
    • Migration from mainframe to .NET
    • Deployment of on-premises to Cloud
    • Application Maintenance & Support
    • SAAS Enablement

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    We provide full-cycle development services in Microsoft .NET to ISVs, product development companies and enterprises.

    • Custom Application Development
    • .NET Application Integration
    • Application Migration & Upgrade on .NET
    • .NET Application Testing & QA
    • .NET Application Maintenance & Support
    • Win CE .Net application development, maintenance & testing
    • .Net compact framework development, maintenance & testing

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    We help enterprises take the advantage of modern communication and collaboration by providing lifecycle of services on Office 365 cloud.

    • Office 365 Roadmap & Adoption Strategy
    • Application Development of Office 365
    • Line of Business Integration on Office 365
    • Application Migration & Execution on Office 365
    • Application Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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    We have garnered extensive expertise in leveraging the full potential of SharePoint to solve complex collaboration challenges of SMBs and large enterprises across the globe.

    • SharePoint Implementation & Architecture Designing
    • SharePoint Development
    • SharePoint Customization
    • Portals & Collaboration
    • SharePoint Integration
    • Upgrades & Migration
    • SharePoint Branding

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    We provide end-to-end services to help clients execute their strategic focus on CRM by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud, on-premises and with a hybrid combination.

    • Dynamics CRM Implementation
    • Application Development on Dynamics CRM
    • Dynamics CRM System Customization
    • Dynamics CRM Upgrades & Migration
    • Dynamics CRM Integration
    • Dynamics CRM Application Testing
    • Support & Maintenance of Dynamics CRM Applications

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    Our team of trained and experienced DBAs, well-versed with all major SQL editions, helps enterprises to efficiently and securely manage databases, helping enterprises to gain deeper business intelligence through enhanced reporting and improved application performance.

    • Database Consulting Services
    • Performance Tuning and Database Optimization
    • Security, Automatic Backups, Disaster Recovery
    • Data Migration and Integration Services

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    Our Silverlight experts help you create powerful web and mobile experiences across browsers, devices and operating systems. Our standard development best practices and testing ensure high level of performance.

    • XAML Development
    • WCF RIA Development
    • Module Development
    • Plugin Development
    • Portal Development 
    • OOB application development, maintenance & testing

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    With proven expertise in Microsoft technologies, we offer complete services on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 SDK platforms to help enterprises bring Modern/Metro style app ideas to life.

    • Application Development for Web, Mobile & Desktop
    • UI Design & Implementation
    • Application Porting on Windows 8, 8.1, 10
    • Application Integration with Third-party Tools
    • Application Support & Maintenance

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    As a Certified Sitecore Solution Partner with a strong team of trained developers, we offer a wide range of services for Sitecore CMS. Combining timely delivery, best-fit solutions and best practices, we provide quality solutions on Sitecore at the most competitive rates.

    • Sitecore CMS Consulting
    • Sitecore Content Migration
    • Sitecore CMS Integration - Enterprise & collaboration tools
    • Sitecore Digital Marketing Solution
    • Sitecore CMS Support & Maintenance
    • Sitecore Custom Modules Development
    • Sitecore Implementation - Corporate websites, portals & mobile sites

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    We offer end-to-end DotNetNuke development and consulting services that enable businesses to accomplish their complex content management, social media management, and analytics goals effortlessly.

    • DNN Consulting, Configuration and Installation
    • DNN Upgrades and Migration
    • DNN Website Performance Optimization
    • DNN Skins, Extensions and Modules Development
    • DNN Support and Maintenance

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About Cygnet

Our motto ‘IT is About You’ is more than just a tag line – it is the very heart of Cygnet. We always ensure the continued success of our clients and employees by placing problem solving ahead of anything else and walking the extra mile when needed.