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DETECT ME is your very own detective to find your lost/misplaced phone. The application has an amazing feature to help you locate and recover your misplaced or stolen phone. The application works by setting up customized message strings (SMS). Simply send these pre-defined SMS from any other mobile device to your lost phone for following actions to find your misplaced/lost phone Turn Phone into Ringing mode incase the phone when lost/misplaced was in silent mode Play Siren if you are in a noisy and crowded area where simple ringtone is not audible (also helpful to gather attention incase of emergency) Lock Screen of your phone to avoid misuse until you find your phone Delete Photos, Contacts & Messages from the lost phone The application also has a feature to Add Contacts from your contact list to send Panic Alerts and Messages during emergency situations to these contacts with a single touch/tap.

DETECT ME also comes with a facility to call and turn phone into ringing mode. The contacts added by you can call on your mobile and turn your phone into ringing mode. Simply set up Call Detect Count (number of calls received from a particular added contact). Once the calls received count from a particular added contact exceeds the given count, the phone will be automatically turned to ringing mode. Using DETECT ME, you can also set up and send pre-defined messages from other mobile to Get Notifications regarding SIM change (on pre-defined email ID as well as selected contact) Get Call Logs & Contacts from the lost phone (on pre-defined email ID as well as selected contact) Remotely Enable GPS & Wifi to send notifications and call-log emails


  • Maximum 5 contacts can be added to the contact list
  • ‘Enable Location’ facility to send location details with every emergency panic message as well as Sim change notification
  • Call Detect Count can be configured to Minimum 3 and Maximum 10  times
  • ‘Enable Meeting Mode’ facility to set up duration of meeting hours during which the phone will not be turned to ringing mode
  • Facility to Switch-On and Switch-Off any feature of the application Integration with Facebook and Twitter to share updates with friends and followers

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