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EShabda is an online reading application that enables its readers to read Gujarati eBooks, eMagazines and other periodically updating content in a reader specifically designed for Gujarati language. Many features and special advantages provided by eBooks were denied to Gujarati eBooks, simply because none of the electronic readers were designed keeping the Gujarati language in focus. e-Shabda app strives to give the same eBook reading experience that is provided by the leading English eBook reader apps to the Gujarati language readers. 


  • Beautiful, readable Gujarati fonts for a nearly "printed book" reading experience of eBooks. 
  • Ability to type in Gujarati to search the content, make notes or simply write and share text in Gujarati language. 
  • Dictionary look-up support using "Gujarati Lexicon Dictionary" integration
  • Integrating Audio-Visual contents with texts
  • Digital Rights secured content distribution
  • Periodically updated books/magazines and subscription feature
  • Making Gujarati books available instantly to the reader irrespective of the geographical location

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