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    1 2018

    Testing Whiz Awareness Drive

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    TestingWhiz Awareness Drive - Cygnet Infotech

    The buzzword “Automation” is ruling the word cloud. The spellbinding news of the automation replacing manual activities with innovative systems enhancing the efficiency has been in the limelight for quite some time. Today, we are in that time of software testing where the transition from manual testing to automated testing is unquestionably crucial for digital transformation across all industries including retail, media, services and entertainment.

    Team TestingWhiz conducted ‘TestingWhiz Awareness Drive’ at Cygnet Corporate House, which was an organizational effort to educate and empower the Cygnetians about their market leading software testing solutions. The team shared their thrilling experiences starting from the time, TestingWhiz was launched as just one more automation tool in the market to the time it became one of the competitive offering into the IT automation market.

    The event was driven by technology experts from TestingWhiz where-in the panelists shared their insights about uniquely designed TestingWhiz architecture which enables it to integrate with almost all the platforms, solutions and protocols. They also highlighted how TestingWhiz is entering the automation in QA and QC processes keeping the pace with the industry and gaining momentum in stabilizing their offerings in the Big Data. The team also displayed the roadmap of TestingWhiz and expressed what was coming next from them for the testing world out there to combat different software testing challenges that other products in the market cannot handle.

    This was an invigorating behind-the-scenes session by TestingWhiz team where all the Cygnetians actively participated followed by an engaging question and answer session.

    Stay tuned to learn more about such mind-boggling success stories happening at Cygnet Infotech!

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