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Immediate fixes for bugs, permanent fixes to critical issues, and dependable support – for improved customer satisfaction at reduced costs

  • Our product support & maintenance services help your product achieve traction in the market and sustain success by serving delightful customer experiences. Leverage our services to:

    • Cut costs of maintaining older versions of the product
    • Reduce time and effort investment in customer & issue handling
    • Rapidly improve product performance
    • Focus on fostering continuous innovation

    Support and Maintenance Services

    We offer support and maintenance services to ISVs and product development companies as:

    • Part of entire Product Development LifeCycle for new product development
    • Part of partially-developed project , offering post-development support
    • A standalone service for existing product suite


    • Develop a well-defined patch management strategy
    • Create patches and fix the bugs
    • Mitigate any security risks
    • Boost product performance
    • Improve usability of the apps
    • Support for localization and internationalization efforts
    • SAAS and Mobility Enablement
    • UX design for minimum disruption to existing users
    • Research and implementation of new features & modules
    • Elimination of bugs through rigorous QA
    • Bug tracking and reporting
    • Rapid response for bug resolution
    • Remote software support and troubleshooting
    • Constant product availability to end users
    • Assistance with deployment at client premises
    • Integration with existing systems and applications
    • Integration with various types of hardware
    • Customization or configuration support client deployment

About Cygnet

Our motto ‘IT is About You’ is more than just a tag line – it is the very heart of Cygnet. We always ensure the continued success of our clients and employees by placing problem solving ahead of anything else and walking the extra mile when needed.