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  • Bringing Indians closer to their mother-tongue

    A platform for Gujarati authors, publishers and readers to come together and relish the joys of digital publishing for Gujarati literature.

    A part of ePUB-Hub’s effort to bring the benefits of digital publishing to Indian language publishers and authors.

    We Innovate: Digital Platform for authors and publishers of Gujarati as well as other regional languages to reach out to the massive online audience of Indian readers

    Passionate about making the best of available technologies for businesses

    Tailor-made solution that empowers publishers and authors of the Gujarati language.

    eShabda consists for 2 major solutions:

    1. The eCommerce Web Portal for Gujarati authors and publishers to publish and promote the rich literature that is a treasure for all native Gujaratis around the globe.

    • Enables content owners to set up their online bookstore
    • Protects their eBooks
    • Connects them directly with their customers
    • Eliminates other marketplace intermediaries

    The back-end of the portal is extremely user-friendly and enables the content publishers to streamline and control their content that is published.

    2. eReader Mobile Application eShabda App that supports all Indian regional languages along with holding DRM protected eBooks.

    • Holds eBooks from their web account
    • Reflects all purchased and downloaded eBooks on the mobile app
    • Ensures access to the downloaded eBooks without internet access
    • Supports vernacular languages
    • Reaches out to audience across geographies

    eShabda is committed to offering an end-to-end digital publishing solution to regional language authors and publishers.

    Creates and publishes eBooks in PDF ePUB2, ePUB3, securing, distributing and marketing it – with a goal to:

    • Empower authors and publishers to reach a wider audience;
    • Encourage the youth to read books and magazines
    • Leverage the digital revolution to popularize regional languages books

    Explore the vast literature base on e-Shabda platform.

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