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A Solution that transforms HR to Profit Center

  • Hrinnova is a comprehensive blend of information, design & technology that empowers HR of all sizes and makes sense of enormous amount of employee data. Our highly customizable solution blends easily with the existing systems be it biometric attendance, payroll or even basic excel to offer a comprehensive view of organization’s most important asset, its employees.

    Our Offerings:

    Comprehensive set of modules to map the entire employee lifecycle, from entry to exit.

    Onboarding: Most easiest onboarding process which lets your employees take control of their lives from day one.

    Attendance & Timesheet: A robust attendance module showing detailed break up of employee activities with useful options such as penalties, requests and real-time reports.

    Employee Data Management: A centralized repository that enables HR reporting and employee engagement.

    Training & Development: Plot your career growth through regular trainings by using an interactive calendar. HR can provide feedback, manage attendance and align KRAs accordingly.

    Project Management: Plan and track your projects and initiate collaboration between stakeholders using Project Management with Scrum, Kanban and Iterative Incremental project management life cycle.

    Mobile App: Send requests from anywhere anytime, track your attendance on the move and keep your project moving in the right direction through our amazing app.

    Who uses HRINNOVA?

    SMEs, Startups, Enterprises, Consultancies, Agencies

    Benefits of using HRINNOVA

    • Integrates with any system
    • Custom modules to match unique needs
    • Simplifies planning
    • Maximizes resource utilization
    • Simplifies multitasking
    • Reduces administrative cost

    Explore HRINNOVA to know how the solution increases organization's efficiency and reduces administrative cost of Human Resource Teams in organizations.

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