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About R7VAT

One stop solution for preparing returns for filing purpose & download it in Excel/CSV format. Integration available with relevant authority’s infrastructure and their APIs once available.

Cygnet Infotech helps businesses across the Globe to manage their VAT Returns & Indirect Compliances.

Key Necessities in a VAT Tool

Audit file generation for VAT authorities
Compilation of line item data for further audits
Organized data for review by tax consultants
Validations as per VAT laws


VAT Return & FTA Audit File Creation

R7VAT has a Rule Engine at its core which segregates imported data to various heads of the return VAT Return

Data Import & Validation

Pre-defined format for this import, and user is guided throughout the process with validation messages


Sales summary, Purchase, Reverse charges & Input Tax recoverable at various entities of the business

Approval Flow & Reconciliation

A Provision for Approval flow, where a user can submit the VAT Return and the relevant authorities

Reports & Audit Trail

Various reports are available in the system which provides entity wise and group wise details of Sales


System provides the representative company and member company creations as per VAT Law

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