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SAP Overview


The evolving businesses demand proactive and productive processes to improve business operations, brand experiences and positively impact the business bottom line. SAP is one such technology framework that helps in designing better strategies around the business capabilities to yield game-changing results.

Cygnet, with the benefits of highly innovative SAP services, inspires employee engagement, higher productivity and operational efficiency. We formulate strategies around SAP solutions for your business to transform into a truly digital enterprise capable of withstanding the changing market dynamics while lowering your total cost of ownership.


Cygnet Advantage

Complexity to Simplification
Complexity to Simplification

Cygnet empowers the complex legacy business processes with smart IT transformation solutions of SAP that simplify business functions, deliver desired outcomes, and improve productivity.

Driving Performance Across Industry verticals
Driving Performance Across Industry Verticals

Cygnet offers innovative and cost-effective SAP solutions to small, mid-size, and large businesses that can transform their operations in shorter timelines to achieve unprecedented efficiency.

Data Center Solutions
Data Center Solutions

As a SAP consulting company, we offer tier three data centre for enterprises to host their SAP systems and relocate their non-SAP systems to manage infrastructure, applications, and related services.

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Our Capabilities

Cygnet’s SAP consulting, business process transformation, and advisory services focus on standardization and modernization of client business processes. Our team of SAP Project Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Solution Architects, Developers and Consultants are fully committed to automate the routine business functions, empower the employees, and increase the overall productivity.

  • SAP Consulting and Advisory Service
  • SAP IAAS and Hosting/Cloud
  • SAP Product License
  • SAP Implementation Services
  • SAP UI5/FIORI Implementation
  • SAP AMS Support, Migration and Release Upgrades for S/4HANA
  • SAP Audit Service
  • GST Service Offerings
  • SAP AMS Support

SAP Consulting and Advisory Service

Cygnet helps customers and businesses to identify root cause and bugs while solving customers’ problems and assist them in ongoing projects walking them through every step of the way.

What we offer:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Business consultation
  • Help to stay aligned with Industry KPI
  • Help clients with RFI/ RFQ and engineer holistic client-specific solutions
  • Bridge potential Gaps with SAP standard product solution
  • Easy integration with third-party solutions
SAP IAAS and Hosting/Cloud

SAP IAAS and Hosting/Cloud

SAP Business Solutions including IAAS and Cloud offerings help enterprises to strategize and innovate sustainably with speed.

What we offer:

  • Infrastructure sizing for all types of industries
  • Infrastructure hosting services– HA & DR
  • Backup and disaster recovery service solutions
  • Proven value delivery and outcome-based services
  • Complete infrastructure and SAP managed services
  • Scalable infrastructure depending on processing and storage needs
SAP Product License

SAP Product License

Cygnet Infotech, the Silver Partner of SAP, provides transparency into how SAP licenses its software and helps clients to make informed and strategic software licensing decisions to ensure that the product solutions and licenses are optimally utilized.

What we offer:

  • SAP Business ByDesign License on Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA On-Premise and Cloud
  • SAP ECC to S/4HANA Migration Licenses
  • SAP S/4HANA on Premise Migration
  • SAP NetWeaver Product
  • SAP Business Analytics Product
SAP Implementation Services

SAP Implementation Services

We make complex, challenging, and time-consuming SAP implementation easy and hassle-free. Our SAP implementation services streamline the business operations, optimize cost, and help the brand gain visibili/p>

What we offer:

  • Project Planning and Infrastructure Setup
  • Scoping, requirement gathering, AS-IS & TO-BE Design, Fit Gap Analysis and finalize business blueprint design
  • Configuration and development, unit performance and integration testing, and end-user Training
  • UAT and Cutover Planning, System Validation, and Go-No-Go Decision
  • GoLive Support and Solution Transition to the client's business team
SAP UI5/FIORI Implementation

SAP UI5/FIORI Implementation

Using standard practice of Cygnet, SAP FIORI deployment in the business involves lots of factors including the current technological landscape, unique user requirements, and security.

What we offer:

  • Activation of FIORI application on existing SAP and SAP Gateway server landscape
  • Standard Activation of relevant components for FIORI applications
  • Download of All Components related to FIORI from service marketplace.
  • Installation of UI components on SAP gateway server and OData components on SAP Application Instance along with SAP notes if any
  • Check FIORI Authorization (Admin and End Users)
  • Provide End User Training
SAP AMS Support, Migration and Release Upgrades for S/4HANA

SAP AMS Support, Migration and Release Upgrades for S/4HANA

Infrastructure for SAP HANA platform lets you grow with flexibility, resilience and superior performance that your data demands. Cygnet’s SAP HANA solutions ensure your S/4HANA systems are up to date with full migration and upgraded services support.

What we offer:

  • Facilitation of end-to-end architecture right from hardware to establishment of the application layer
  • Assessment delivering upgrade proposals, cost indication, project plans and milestones
  • Comprehensive review of current business plans and strategic implementation of new one through the functional upgrade
  • System migration to SAP S/4HANA environment to ensure the project has minimal impact on the business
  • Help in traversing the database and operating system as well as business programs like advanced and dynamic reports, function module, interface and custom objects is possible through technical upgrade
  • Mix availability of standard and high-quality services through platform migration
SAP Audit Service

SAP Audit Service

Cygnet’s SAP experts guide the clients on how to face the Industry Challenges. We also analyze the customers’ requirements, provide the best solutions, and recommend implementation of SAP modules which were not implemented earlier.

What we offer:

  • Identify and report inconsistent non-compliant SAP practices
  • Review SAP processes designed as per SAP’s Guidelines
  • Identify and report duplication of Master Data in SAP
  • Advise the client on Regulatory Compliance to be followed
  • Identify gaps/glitches/errors/pain points and report
  • Review and report the data inconsistency
GST Service Offerings

GST Service Offerings

Cygnet’s GST solution assists in accounts and finance, stock, assets, inventory, billing and invoicing, income and expenditures, claims and repairs, budget and tax. A simplified approach to transform businesses through GST implementation at Cygnet includes comprehensive GSP and ASP services for end-to-end validation and return filing needs.

What we offer:

  • SAP GST reporting requirement and data reconciliation
  • SAP GST audit and regulatory compliance services
  • 99.982% availability and 24*7 service delivery
  • SAP GST implementation, extension and enhancement support
  • SAP GSP and ASP Services (Authorized by Government of India and SAP Solution is Certified by SAP)
  • On-premise solution for GST compliant data such as debit/credit Notes, ITC mismatch reports
  • Public and Private Cloud i.e. ISO and VAPT compliant is highly secure, scalable and flexible on dedicated GSP infrastructure
SAP AMS Support

SAP AMS Support

SAP AMS Support designed using the best practices to achieve a measurable return on value. It helps in strengthening the competitive position by reducing the cost of ownership while improving business performance

What we offer:

  • End-to-end SAP application maintenance and application development services from planning, implementing and optimizing to creating maximized revenue streams.
  • Competitive ABAP support and comprehensive technical development, enhancement, maintenance and guidance
  • SAP functional support across all the core ERP modules with routine system and event management for risk mitigation
  • Security monitoring in your SAP landscape to reduce risks and vulnerabilities
  • Regular health-check of the system to eliminate redundancies
  • Modern SAP innovations to build, test, and run solutions for industry-specific business processes

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