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Secure, Transparent and Scalable Blockchain Solutions that Unleash the Real Potential of your Business

Cygnet Infotech’s state-of-the-art blockchain technology capability helps you disrupt existing business models and set higher benchmarks while leveraging secure, quick and decentralized systems for profitable outcomes.

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Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing Collective Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Fast-track Your Ascent to Industry Leadership

We build intelligent solutions that go beyond whitepapers to disrupt industries with real-time accurate insights and actionable data augmenting human efforts while maximizing value.

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Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent RPA Solutions for Superior Business Process Optimization with 100% Agility, High Throughput and Higher ROI

Augment your workforce capabilities by automation labor intensive mundane tasks using the transformative prowess of robotic process automation solutions.

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Transforming Legacy Systems into Powerful Performance Engines through Strategic IT Architecture Redesign

Cygnet provides enterprise cloud services to develop, host, manage and scale applications along with disaster recovery on cloud.

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Internet of Things

Connecting Technology, Process and People for Smarter Holistic Revenue-driven Businesses

We help businesses set up ecosystems powered by IoT solutions that promise convenience, comfort, speed and greater returns.

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Tax Technology

Simplifying Tax Compliance with Accurate, Reliable and Secure Solutions

We are a pioneer creating tax technology solutions to facilitate compliances, onboarding and automation making daily operations easier, accurate, productive and hassle-free.

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Augmented / Virtual Reality

Improvising Reality through Engaging Experiences for Seamless Collaboration and Faster Execution

We help enterprises understand, discover and deploy augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality solutions to build strategies that sustainably drive revenue.

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