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Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Judiciary

Client Profile

The client is one of the apex courts in the United States. The State Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort. The justices may accept a variety of civil and criminal cases’ appeals from lower state courts. This court interprets laws of the state and constitution of the United States. It may assume jurisdiction over undecided cases in the court of Civil/Criminal appeals when there is a special need for an expedited decision.

Business Scenario

The Administrative Office of the Courts manually created all their test scripts. They had a large set of repetitive regression tests which were manually tested. This process was cumbersome and led to several inaccuracies, lower ROI and delays.

Cygnet's Solution

After extensive discovery, Cygnet provided them TestingWhiz as a solution which solved their problems by leveraging In-built scheduler, In-built recorder, Seamless automation of Test Suites and Integration with HP QC and Zephyr as a test management tool for managing their test cases.


  • 50% reduction in Manual Efforts implementing automated tests
  • Improved effciency of the development team using Automated testing
  • Significant time conserved for testing complex web applications
  • Sharp reduction in the UAT time required to run tests
  • and more..

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