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Cygnet team automated regression testing of Dynamics CRM solutions suite using TestComplete to help a client accelerate their deployments ensuring bet

Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size
Country: Australia
Domain: Information Technology
Solution: Automated Testing with TestComplete

Client Profile

A top Asia Pacific partner of Microsoft, Infor and many other vendors, is a leading mid-market IT solutions provider. It develops several solutions for finance, sales & marketing, HR as well as business operational functions. Business Review Weekly has listed it several times as one of the rapidly growing private companies in Australia.

Business Scenario

The company, in order to address sales and marketing automation requirements of its customers had developed a suite of CRM applications on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform by extending its functionalities and applying hugely different customizations.

To test these CRM suite of applications before deploying on the customer’s site, they conducted manual testing, which increased the costs and man hours yielding poor test coverage. Hence, the company wanted to automate the testing of its CRM solutions suite with the following objectives:

  • Complete the test cycles of each solution within stipulated time
  • Verify functional aspects on regression basis
  • Accelerate the deployments of solutions at the customer site involving lesser manual efforts

Cygnet’s Solution

Testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not an easy task since it has complex architecture. However, Cygnet took up this challenge and accomplished regression cycle of each all the test cases in just 6 weeks (1.5 days for each test case in contrast to 15 days taken by client through manual testing.)

Following were the key steps taken to accomplish the test automation in such a short duration

  • Achieved end-to-end testing of all the applications by acquiring TestComplete test automation tool
  • Expedited the automation process by creating different Javascripts which acted as a layer to support the testing of complex architecture
  • Extended the horizontal scalability of the CRM regression suite by creating scripts to that supported repeated regression tests


Cygnet’s Software Testing Services Benefits

  • Reduced end-to-end regression test cycle time by 72%
  • Eliminated solution learning curve, saving man hours by 85%
  • Easy-to-maintain and scalable test environment significantly reduced future costs and time.

Benefits of TestComplete Solution

  • Simplified test architecture ensured consistency in each regression cycle
  • Better test coverage with robust and seamless test automation model

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