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Application to provide Bus Stops Maintenance services to different Organizations


A large UK-based enterprise offering public utilities maintenance services came up with a concept with potential to revolutionize the process of bus stop infrastructure maintenance. Cygnet helped transform the idea into a high-performance software product that streamlines public utilities maintenance.

Project Details

Country: UK
Public Infrastructure
Solution: ASP.NET MVC 4.0, EF5, Telogis GeoBase Map API, HTML 5

Client Profile

One of the leading bus stop maintenance service providers in the UK, responsible for maintaining thousands of bus stops over an area of 10,000 square miles. In addition to supplying products like bus shelter, bespoke designs, and notice boards to bus stops across the country, the client also has a large stake in installation and maintenance of public transport infrastructure.

Business Scenario

The client offers bus stop maintenance services, covering a wide area of UK. The work is assigned to a variety of contractors (sub-contractors and further contracting by sub-contractors) – by several different types of organizations (‘owners’ of the bus stands). In order to streamline the process and improve information flow, the client first created an Asset & Order management system.

The success of this system encouraged the client to build a software product for automating public utilities maintenance process. For this, the client consulted with Cygnet, and identified the opportunities, limitations and expectations from the final product:

  • Identified need for a functionality to manage sub-contractors – existing application was limited to managing first-level contractors
  • Bus stand owners issue a wide range of orders through diverse channels – challenge as to enable issuing order through one system
  • The maintenance teams survey locations physically, and follow a manual process of data collection – this needed to be mobilized and automated

Cygnet’s Solution

The complexity of the process of bus stop maintenance made the process of devising the optimum solutions challenging. After gaining a clear idea of the diverse user groups and the tasks they would perform using the application, we delivered the Initial Milestone in which we provided following solutions:

  • Enabled stakeholders – organizations (assigning orders) & Contractors (fulfilling order) – to collaborate with each other by setting up a SAAS-based website
  • Added mobility to the process, allowing maintenance staff to survey and raise instructions from the field
  • Empowered organizations to manage their own assets and designed custom functionality that lets them define new fields related to their assets and relevant to their business by creating an Asset Management Module
  • Let users manage and define instructions regarding tasks that can be implemented for a particular asset by building an Instruction Management Module
  • Devised Single Order Management flow for different type of orders through a system that:
  • Allows the contractors and organizations to view the orders that have been raised
  • Lets them use Map API to raise orders and selecting sites
  • View route of services and identify changes and raise order for them<
  • Add Instructions within an order and check multiple validations to avoid duplication or inconsistencies
  • Update Order Status from Android App
  • Facilitated sales of the product by building a licensing module that allows our clients to sell and manage the application for various industries


Our services fulfilled client’s vision of creating a comprehensive solution for the bus stop maintenance and other public infrastructure maintenance industries. The successful implementation of the Initial Milestone helped:

  • Automate and simplify most bus stop maintenance processes, leading to 20 times faster responses
  • Resolve all the major issues related to the performance of the application
  • Expand the functionality of the application and transform it into a viable product
  • Manage the sales & maintenance of the product easily through a licensing module

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