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Project Details

Country: US
Domain: Legal and Compliance
Technology: ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC, Hyper ledger Fabric Blockchain, EF Core 2.0, Azure PaaS and IaaS
Development Framework & Environment: .NET Core 2.0 MVC, Visual Studio 2017, SQL Server Management Studio
Programming Language: C#
Database: SQL Server 2017, Azure SQL Database Services

Client Profile

Our client is a certified cyber audit and assessment firm lead by the members of the U.S. intelligence community. Since the inception, they have emerged as the highest-ranked, pureplay cyber security compliance and advisory firm in the world. They are among the very few global companies to be both an ISO/IEC 17020:2012 FedRAMP – certified assessor and PCI qualified security assessor offering cybersecurity compliance and advisory services.

Business Challenges

Considering the different business touchpoints, diversified IT and global presence, attaining flawless and perpetual compliance emerged as an imposing challenge for them. They wanted to conceptualize a technology solution that would engage teams of different organizations operating from diverse geographies, and implement compliance frameworks to achieve the NIST compliance and information security.

Cygnet's Solution

Engineers at Cygnet conceptualized a simple risk management solution that would address security controls based on an organization’s assessment of risk that includes access control, incident response, business continuity and disaster recoverability.

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