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Centralized Inventory Management Solution for Fortune 500 Company Providing Seamless End-to-End Tracking

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Hi-tech Solution for Inventory Management Redefining the Legacy Processes

Project Details

Customer Size:  Large organization
Country:  US
Domain:  Event Management
Solution:  ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, Microsoft Utility Container, nUnit, Rhino Mocks, Kendo UI, Neodynamic SDK, OpenXML, iTextSharp, OMU ValueInjecter, Fluent Validations, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery Templates, jQuery UI, SignalR
Handheld Device: Motorola

Client Profile

Our client is US based Fortune 500 company specializing in event management. Actively catering to owning and managing warehouses across the globe they also specialize in fabricating and installing showrooms, museums, kid-zones and 3D Marketing and provides inventory on rental basis.

Business Scenario

Our client was struggling to manage the inventory used in the trade shows due to the unavailability of the real-time information. Because of the lack of coordination and information availability on items in the warehouse, trans-shipment issues, missing stock and damaged goods, they wanted an inventory management solution with:

  • Bring-in real-time visibility of trade show items
  • Cross-warehouse and cross-departmental coordination
  • Optimize process to reduce order fulfillment time and costs
  • Automate all-operations from procurement and production to fulfillment


Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet developed a next-generation inventory management solution that helped our client to organize and streamline the management of events at tradeshows resulting in increasing their business efficiency by 67%. Based on the requirements and workflow patterns, Cygnet created a customized web-based inventory management solution which provided the following capabilities:

Inventory Management System:

  • End-to-end tracking of the inventory
  • Automation on the operations
  • Increase in the business efficiency

Generation of Reports:

Analytical Reports on

  • Inventories that came in the warehouse
  • Missing or damaged stock
  • Goods ready for trans-shipment
  • Reports in the form of charts or graphs

Real-time Dashboards:

  • Providing end-to-end warehouse data visibility
  • Gaining intuitive insights with analytics
  • Determining visualization of key-metric information

Quick Decision Making:

  • Conversion of Inventories’ serial number to Stock Keeping Unit for quick decisions
  • Easy decision making through workflow patterns
  • Reduction in the transcription errors

Handheld Device:

  • Scanning of the barcode
  • Tracking of the inventory available in the warehouse
  • Improve workforce efficiency


About Cygnet

Our motto ‘IT is About You’ is more than just a tag line – it is the very heart of Cygnet. We always ensure the continued success of our clients and employees by placing problem solving ahead of anything else and walking the extra mile when needed.