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Cloud Management Made Easy Through Quality Improvement On Infrastructure Management Application

Cloud Management Made Easy Through Quality Improvement - Inner Image
Improved Quality Through Testing Solutions Of Cloud Management

Project Details

Customer Size: Small Organization
Country: US
Domain: Cloud Infrastructure Domain 
Solutions: Simplistic QA Approach
Technology: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
Tools: Jira
Methodology: Agile

Client Profile

US based IT company delivers multi-cloud infrastructure visibility and automation to improve security, compliance and cost governance. In addition to multi-cloud service, they develop innovative technology to automate and optimize cloud infrastructure. While integrating with well-known cloud environments like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many more, they have been delivering services to internationally known enterprises since 2013.

Business Scenario

Our client is differentiated in the market with their native multi-cloud policy automation. Their expert areas include cloud management platform, policy compliance, cost tracking, hybrid cloud deployment, audit logs, multi cloud deployment and many more. In addition to providing the above services, they provide a platform that allows the users to develop their own cloud management solution and products.

For ease of use, our client has been updating and introducing new features every now and then. With increasing number of users, the requirements and need of various functions and features increased resulting into a more complex structure. Looking at Cygnet’s testing expertise, our client chose Cygnet for quality assurance and testing services of their cloud management web application. Few of the requirements are mentioned below:

  • Ensuring smooth performance of major functions of the web application
  • Ensuring application compatibility with various cloud services like Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.
  • Documenting thorough testing activities including Requirement Traceability, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Execution Reports, Signoffs, etc.

Cygnet's Solution

Knowing the web application to be tested is used for cloud technology, to deliver the best, Cygnet QA team researched and learned in detail from the in-house experts about cloud technology. From the very beginning, our client had been solely focusing on Development Testing of the product when it came to the Testing Part. With Cygnet team appearing, the perspective changed.  

After a thorough research, understanding dynamics and test requirements for the cloud management system, Cygnet QA team saw the need to test UI concepts to make the User Experience better which is always the first priority for every service provider. Understanding the needs and concept, agreeing with the idea, the client requested testing major functions, UI concepts, different models of the web application along with ensuring feasibility using different testing methods. To understand how Cygnet QA team ensured smooth performance of a cloud management platform, Download the Free PDF.


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