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Project Details

Country: UK
Domain: BFSI
Tools & Technologies: Laravel & CodeIgniter, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce & Craft Commerce, WordPress CMS, MySQL & MongoDB Database

Client Profile

The client is a leading non-banking finance firm in the UK, offering financial solutions to their direct customers and eCommerce omni-channel retail partners. The client company has a huge network comprising of customers and 250+ retailers that provide, 8000+ end-users, a credit platform that they can trust.

Business Challenges

The client’s business has been growing exponentially generating an urgent need to scale the IT infrastructure to seamlessly manage the increasing customer base. They confronted severe technical challenges while implementing new features, services, revenue streams on their financial platform and third-party eCommerce platforms.

Cygnet's Solution

Considering the complexity of client’s business and technical expertise required, Cygnet deployed an expert team of analysts, developers, operations experts and testers. Business analysts in the team visited onsite and collaborated with client’s teams to better understand the business challenges.

They analyzed issues in the current state which the development and operations teams were facing. Based on their findings, they planned to implement an automated processes and workflow that would be managed with DevOps – for more engaged and productive team and higher system availability.

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