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Project Details

Customer Size: Small Organization
Country: Switzerland
Domain: Finance (Crypto Payment Processing- Bitcoins)
Technology: AngularJs, Java with SprintBoot, PostgreSQL
Tools: Docker, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Jira
Methodology: Agile Scrum

Client Profile

Our client is a Switzerland based registered financial intermediary which provides services related to AML-compliant digital cash transaction. They are committed to making digital cash ecosystem compliant and secure. Its currency platform bridges the gap between digital currency and traditional financial services. The venture has been recognized for its high security standards in processing cross border transactions through a Bitcoin Payment Gateway built on Blockchain technology.

Business Scenario

Our client has been providing collection and exchange services to e-commerce merchants, multinational corporations and financial intermediaries while focusing on regulated businesses with a need for effective compliance procedures. Although it is growing rapidly, financial organizations are hesitating to adopt it due to many restrains such as lack of authorization, which often leads to fraud in the existing structure.

While Banking and financial sectors were still struggling with security and various implementation issues, our client wished to pioneer Bitcoin Payment Gateway based on Blockchain technology. They soon acquired Anti Money Laundering certification that resulted into rapid increase in the number of users. To create an accurate authorization process and provide seamless experience to the users, they were searching for a suitable Testing Partner that can work on a very challenging technology- Blockchain. After extensive rounds they zeroed upon Cygnet as their Testing Services partner because they trusted upon Cygnet’s highly robust testing practices.

Cygnet’s testing services to help solve the security issues involved:

  • End-to-end testing for their existing website to ensure security check and smooth performance
  • Ensuring accurate and fast authentication process
  • Focus on quality assurance than quality control for Security reasons
  • Along with QA, additional Estimation Services were required for a sensitive project
  • Different types of testing to be performed to ensure smooth performance

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet delivered Comprehensive Testing services to a Switzerland based Bitcoin Payment Gateway. Considering stringent norms associated with the client’s line of business due to Blockchain Technology and Payment through Bitcoins, it was imperative that Cygnet focused on the security aspects while testing the application.

After a thorough understanding of the requirements, Cygnet QA worked on the project dealing with multiple types of testing processes, improving authentication methods, and making the website abide to AML laws. Different types of testing included UI test, Regression Test, Compatibility test and many more that ensured data security as well as smooth performance. Since the gateway abides to the anti-money laundering law while providing transaction through Bitcoins, Cygnet ensured all the sensitive information was secured. For better understanding on how Cygnet Successfully Tested Blockchain based Payment Gateway, Download the PDF.

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