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Built a Bid and Tender Management System on ASP.Net that allows storing information related to the complete bidding cycle. The system provides Active Directory based authorization with tender approval process with electronic signature. The application design is such that it can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users for data entry. The Tender Management system provides advanced search feature that allows the users to search and generate reports related to various marketing and tendering processes based on factors such as Country, Form of Contract, and Client Name etc.)

Project Details

Customer Size: Large Organization 
Country: USA
Domain: Engineering and Construction
Solution: Microsoft ASP.Net 3.5, C#

Client Profile

Client is a multi-national company involved in engineering and construction contracting services across the globe.

Business Scenario

The client, a private multi-national company providing world class engineering and construction contracting services across the globe required a centralized information management system where their dispersed employees could have access to the official document repository containing Bid and tender related information.

The key requirements were

  • Sharing information over a secure platform, both internally and externally;
  • Online entry forms similar to manual entry forms
  • Tender approval workflows right from document creation to final approvals (electronic signature embedding)
  • Advanced search and Reporting module that allows accurate insight into the processes

Cygnet’s Solution

The client wanted to provide a single point access for seamless working of site. Cygnet Infotech developed this information management platform on ASP.Net.

The system stores information related to the complete bidding cycle. Active Directory based authorization and authentication allows privilege based access.

The tenders once placed require at least three signatures for final approval. The Bid management system automatically escalates the tender to authorized person for approval. After authentication the user can embed his signature and approve or reject the bid.

The search and reporting module allows the admin to keep track on all marketing and tender activities. The details can be filtered by Country, Form of Contract, and Client Name.


  • Enhanced Collaboration allowing dispersed employees
  • Exhaustive Search for quicker results
  • Active Directory implementation lead to simplified IT management and less time spent on managing security and user access
  • Minimal training due to the adaption of manual forms to electronic mode
  • Process Improvement due to Approval Workflow implementation

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