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Streamlined Stock Transfer Process with SAP Module Implementation for an India based Refrigerator Manufacturing Company GST Compliant SAP integrated solution for Leading Oil and Gas Giant

Delivering Vehicle Tracking & Traffic Management Solutions that Streamline Operations and Enhance Customer Experience

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ITMS - Integrated TRaffic Management Solution

Cygnet Infotech has the history of successfully developing and deploying disruptive products. Domain experts and engineers at Cygnet have delivered mobile and web solutions for integrated intelligence for management and control of Traffic and Transport networks to the local authorities, bus operators and travellers.

Engineers are hands-on artificial intelligence, Bespoke, MOVA, SCOOT and SCATS algorithms with domain expertise and know-how of the UTMC, RTIG, SIRI and other recognised industry protocols.

The transport solutions are based on three key aspects


Track the allocated vehicle locations in real time along with their routes on map, track & trace the bin pick up status along with the overall zone & ward wise statistics

Monitoring and control

The monitoring and control mechanism allows to address emergencies and complaints using the vehicle’s dynamic route creation and vehicle assignment when needed.

Historical analysis with reports

Management Information System to generate reports based on certain predefined parameters of vehicle identification, vehicle location, vehicle routes, schedule times, geographic areas, history, deviations etc.

Cygnet Offerings

  • Product and solutions engineering
  • Integrated SaaS-based transportation solutions
  • Database design and development
  • Integrations with strategic traffic and passenger information
  • Mobility solutions for intermodal transportation
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Globally managed infrastructure
  • Product support and maintenance
  • Managed services (DevOPs)

Cygnet Transport Capabilities

Solutions Delivered

  • Passenger Information & Fleet Management
  • Public Transport Infrastructure Management App
  • Strategic Transport Command and Control System
  • Multi-modal Travel Information Portal
  • Adaptive Control platform for Real Time Traffic Signal
  • Taxi-booking App

Real time tracking solution for other industries

  • Public / Private Transportation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Schools
  • Logistics
  • Mining

2018 Road Map

    • Utilization of artificial intelligence
    • Enhancing integration capability covering volume bin sensors, temperature sensors, weight sensors
    • Enhancing solution by including point of interest, on the fly route creation and vehicle assignment
    • Mobile / tablet Friendly solution
    • Various tempering alert of the devices
    • Customization of route areas, boundaries, POI

2019 Road Map

    • Multi-modal vehicle management system covering logistics and schools
    • GPS + RFID integrated solution, to know the in – out presence of children on bus along with real time tracking
    • Optimize routes considering ongoing changes in pickup points during term time
    • Mobile application for parents for tracking and get important messages from schools via announcements in apps
    • Get drop details of students on screen unplanned trip auto routing
    • Integration with ERP system
    • Hazardous cargo,Heavy machinery infra tracking
    • Food / frozen truck / vehicle management with temperature sensors in parallel
    • Journey risk management
    • Safety analytics

For more information, please download the data sheet.

About Cygnet

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