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Medical Implant Management iOS Based App For Surgeons To Simplify Complexities Of Medical Surgeries

Medical Implant Management IOS Based App For Surgeons - Cygnet Infotech Inner Image
Provided Easier Modification Of Medical Implant Trays Through An Efficient Implant Management App

Project Details

Customer Size: Medium Size Organization
Country: USA
Domain: IT
Technology: iOS
Programming Language: Swift 3.2
Development Framework: Cocoa touch framework
Development Environment: Mac
Database: My SQL

Client Profile

US based Management and Technology consulting firm provides solutions in Data Science, Health IT, e-Discovery, Drug Lifecycle Tracking, Clinical Archiving and Enterprise Content Management. Solely focused on providing solutions for small business and Federal government agencies, our client offers actionable and creative business IT solution, solves mission critical and complex business challenges. A focused relationship driven organization, they ensure quality deliverables with established Project Management Business Units.

Business Scenario

With an intention to provide a digital solution to simplify the complexity of medical surgeries and keep track of a record for future references, our client required a medical implant management app specifically designed for surgeons. The purpose of designing the app was to help the surgeons with pre surgery preparations and post-surgery management. Our client faced various challenges, and looking at Cygnet’s robust and scalable healthcare solutions, they reached out to Cygnet to develop an iOS app meeting their needs. They were actively seeking for following functionalities to better serve the healthcare sector in US.

  • Pre and Post Surgery Flow Management
  • Easy Access of Implant and Surgery information through Barcode Scan
  • Effective Search through Multiple Filters like ‘Search by Surgery’ and ‘Search by Tray’

Cygnet's Solution

After understanding unique requirements of the client, Cygnet Mobile App Development team analyzed, researched and then created a development plan accordingly. Considering stringent norms associated with being an app made to help surgeons to prepare and track record for their complex surgeries, it was important that Cygnet focused on functionalities and accuracy rather than prominent needs of most of the mobile apps like rich UI and visual appeal.

Cygnet provided a scalable digital solution that helps surgeons to manage, store, modify crucial data related to medical implants to be used in surgeries and research. Advanced image recognition feature is an addition that eases the process of creating a digital copy in which users can easily edit and modify according to their needs. Other interesting and user-friendly features include uploading photos, easy access to case details through barcode scan and many more. To know further details on the features developed on iOS app, Download the free PDF.


About Cygnet

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