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Project Details

Country: North America
Domain: Entertainment
Tools & Technologies: OWASP ZAP, JMeter, Mythril, Oyente, TestLink

Client Profile

The client is a leading podcast Marketplace in North America disrupting the entertainment industry through their exclusive offerings. Their global blockchain-based AI powered electronic marketplace is focused on providing transparent bidding and campaign execution for the entertainment industry

Business Challenges

The client wanted to make sure that 200 concurrent application users did not suffer due to performance issues. Being a blockchain-based solution, it was also essential to measure block confirmation time on the blockchain server while ensuring the robustness of AI powered insights for the marketplace.

Cygnet's Solution

Considering the complexity and the emerging technologies involved in the solution, Cygnet deployed an expert team of in-house QA experts with deep-domain expertise. The QA team understood the clients’ needs, challenges and business goals to craft a meticulous QA strategy organized for Performance testing, Load testing, Stress testing and API testing to assess the performance capability of the web-based solutions. All this while ensuring the platform was invulnerable to any Cyber Threats whatsoever.

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