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Project Details

Country: Australia
Domain: Information Technology & Services

Client Profile

The client is a global tech leader that offers extensive cloud-native solutions around Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Cloud, Infor, etc., to accelerate business processes, and streamline operations with innovation, scalability, and integrity.

Business Scenario

Updating the web applications with newer functionalities resulted in complex and heavy code. Even though our client adopted automation testing to solve the problems, the automation scripts that they developed posed several challenges like service delays and consequently, poor business performance.

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet's engineers engineered a smart UI automated testing framework along and automated test scripts to solve the challenges, minimize the testing effort and maintenance cost.

Business Benefits

We leveraged our IT capabilities to the fullest in solving the client's business issues, meeting evolving business needs, and delivering powerful business benefits such as:

  • Regression testing time downscaled by 80%.
  • Higher testing capacity delivered faster feedback and improved web application performance.
  • Increased test coverage by data-driven Test Framework.
  • Continuous report generation helped to analyze test cases with ease.

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