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Helped a client expedite testing of its mobile service distribution solution by providing end-to-end test automation solution with consulting expertise, saving 94% of testing time.

Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size
Country: USA
Domain: Consumer Electronics
Solution: Test Automation Solution

Client Profile

A business unit of Bankai group, providing telecom and mobile finance solutions using innovative platform, applications and service to boost-up the efficiency of Service Providers, Banks, and Channel-Partners. The company is committed to deliverquality experience to customers, integrators and end users through its integrated processes and effective servicedelivery practices across the global marketplace.

Business Scenario

To resolve the recurrent issues in its mobile service distribution portal, the client required conducting a number of regression test cycles. However, to ramp up with the speed of upgrades and advances, relying on manual testing was not desirable.

They obtained Cygnet’s proprietary test automation solution - TestingWhiz and consulted Cygnet to assist in end-to-end testing withfollowing key requirements:

  • Validate various functional parameters connected to 40+ pages of the portal
  • Validate database, website forms and APIs
  • Verify support of the solution on Android & iOS devices

Cygnet’s Solution

After analyzing the business logic and the challenges faced by the client, Cygnet team provided end-to-end test automation assistance by implementing following key steps:

  • Automated 915 scripts for executing on TestingWhiz which drastically reduced the effort and time of testing
  • Developed Import Merging function in TestingWhiz to centralize the process by merging test cases and logic created by different team members
  • Created several ready-made logic to test the back-end database operations and cross-device functionality to ensure the solution works seamlessly across different environments


Cygnet’s Test Automation Consulting Benefits
  • Saved 94% of time by expediting process of testing with automated test scripts
  • Enhanced productivity by providing reusable regression scripts which allowed the teams to complete the entire test automation cycle of 915 cases in as little as 48 hours
TestingWhiz Solution Benefits
  • Reduction in costs by 86% with elimination of training since TestingWhiz comes with short learning curve and codeless architecture
  • Easily accommodated new changes and logic due to flexible and robust architecture of TestingWhiz which helped accentuate the performance of the solution

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