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Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Information Technology

Client Profile

The client is an American B2B software provider specializing in business process optimization. They help in delivering technology solutions that optimize business operations like Quote-to-Cash (QTC), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Revenue Management and eCommerce Management to over 600 companies worldwide.

Business Scenario

Rapid technology evolution, business expansion and pressing customer needs resulted in more business growth opportunities, and at the same time increased the demand for employing skilled resources in a short time. The client wanted to aggressively extend their offerings; however, unavailability of the necessary resources posed a challenge. It was also realized that burdening the existing resources would result in inefficiency and poor employee morale.

Cygnet's Solution

Based on our study about client's business footprints, locations, workforce, technologies and systems they use, we offered a flexible outsourcing strategy that enabled the client to hire the right talent and directly manage the augmented team.

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