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Streamlined Property Cost Estimation & Accounting by Building a SAAS-based Property Management Tool


A Dubai-based client wanted faced lots of challenges in managing & estimating cost of properties, in compliance with RERA. Cygnet worked closely with the client to unravel the complex processes and laws, and built an application to automate the process.

Project Details

Country: UAE
 Real Estate
Solution: Java, Grails

Business Scenario

The client manages information on properties & accounting for stakeholders: Owners, Tenants, Sub-Tenants, and Home Owner Associations. This involves dealing with documentation on properties, financial data, data related to individuals – and it all needs to be in compliance with Dubai’s Real Estate Agency (RERA) Laws. The client wanted to build a system that would:

  • Be deployable on-premise and on-cloud
  • Serve as a central repository for all the documents
  • Provide default accounts and allow creation of custom accounts, have separate interfaces for different user types
  • Define service charges for user and activity types, and generate invoices
  • Generate accounting reports like Balance Sheet, Income and Expense Statement, Cash Flow and more

Cygnet’s Solution

After studying the RERA laws and working closely with clients to understand the requirements, Cygnet built a team of experts and chose technologies (Java-Grails) & methodologies (Agile-Scrum) and testing process (Jenkins-Continuous Integration) to deliver the solution. Through the below listed actions, we build an application that fulfilled client’s needs.

  • Enabled users view and edit property details, check registration details, upload documents, by building a custom Property Management Module
  • Made it easier to manage owner and tenant data through Owner Management and Tenant Management Modules
  • Simplified account creation and access through a SuperAdmin feature
  • Streamlined managing building & related categories through Lot Management Module and Unit Management Module
  • Developed Services Charges feature, Discount & Penalty feature, and Contact Management Module to automate admin activities
  • Allowed property managers to send bulk promotional and notification emails through Bulk Email feature
  • Enabled end users to submit and view data from the system by integrating the application with existing website


  • Improved workflow and transparency, significantly boosting admin efficiency
  • Quick turnaround of payments – lease, rents, installments, taxes
  • Real-time access to legal documents, income & expense documents, property ownership deeds

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