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Project Details

Customer Size: Large organization
Country: South Africa
Domain: Automobile 
Technology: Android Studio, JSON Web services

Client Profile

South Africa based global market leader in warehouse and logistics software with more than 10,000 enterprise users across the globe. Successfully serving the market with Enterprise Solutions like Transport Management Software, Warehouse Management Software and Logistics Management Software.

Business Scenario

The client, a leader in the logistics and warehouse domain decided to create a product to digitize warehouse management. The product was expected to address the issues faced by automobile giants due to vulnerabilities of the developing African economy and few other problems like inventory theft, delayed shipment and the need of double verification of inventory in the African province. The client needed a reliable development partner with domain expertise to design a robust mobile application.

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet delivered comprehensive mobile development services to develop an Enterprise Mobile Application for a South African warehouse unit of the Automobile Giant. The app was installed in specialized Android based Honeywell’s CN51 Handheld Devices. The Warehouse Management Software (WMS) was developed with usage and access authority allotted according to the inbound and outbound processes of Automobile Industry and work culture of the African continent.

The enterprise mobile app had 11 modules that Digitized the whole Inbound and Outbound Process.

Inbound Process:

The inbound process consisted of 6 different modules covering the whole inbound process right from arrival of goods, checking the weight of Handling Units (HU) to verifying the items in each HU. The mobile application was integrated with various other servers to digitize the inbound process. Covering the minute details like reminding the checker with the unchecked inventory, reporting of the damaged goods and reporting of discrepancies occurred during checking in real-time is what removed all the possibility of Human Errors from the process.

Outbound Process:

The outbound Process had 5 modules that covered the whole packing, weighting and dispatching the order process. The uniqueness of the application was that it not only covered the primary inventory material, but also covered the secondary items like the Handling Units used and the reason for it. Also, the application did real time checking of the data checked with the inventory stock and made sure there was no possibility left of Inventory theft.

To understand how the whole process was digitized and what were the features that made this enterprise application one of its kind, Download the PDF.

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