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About TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is a Codeless Automation Testing Tool for Software, Web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Web Services and API testing.

It is pillared on a strong architecture combined with intuitive Automation Engine and short learning curve that promises to take your test automation to the next level.

TestingWhiz Solutions

Automate Web Application Testing

Allows you to automate UI & functional to verify the critical functioning of your web applications and deliver efficient and effective web interfaces that meet user expectations.

Automate Regression Testing

Helps you automate regression testing by simply recording the test steps and reusing the same with modifications in the codeless test editor.

Automate Web Services Testing

Helps you perform automated web services testing to verify whether the web services communicate and access information from web as defined with support for SOAP and RESTful web services.

Automate Database Testing

Allows you to test application’s database in a number of ways with the support of database test automation, enabling you to test the core of the application and not just the front-end.


FAST Automation Engine

TestingWhiz, being a codeless test automation tool, comes with a FAST Automation Engine to help you create automated test cases

Object Eye Internal Recorder

TestingWhiz lets you record and store all web controls using an intelligent, Object Eye® in-built recorder

Visual Recorder

TestingWhiz also comes with a Visual Recorder to help you automate testing of desktop-based applications, widgets and flash applications

Multiple Browsers Support

TestingWhiz supports multiple web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer(IE) and Edge along with Android mobile browsers

300+ Commands

TestingWhiz offers 300+ readily available Test Commands that help you create powerful and modular automation scripts

Continuous Server Integration

TestingWhiz allows users to execute Test Scripts on server via TestingWhiz CI plugins such as Jenkins or Bamboo

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